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Who and What is ProjecTalk ?

Anja_Chair.jpgI’m Anja Vandenbergh, of D’Aoni and ProjecTalk. D’Aoni provides interactive training sessions using the trademark “ProjecTalk”. All the trainings are on all aspects of managing projects and for everyone involved in projects.

Are you involved in projects? Do you have a global view on the project? Is your project scheduled in a sophisticated planning tool? Do you know how to follow-up your project? Did you know that 90% of your time is spent on communication? But are you sure that your message was received correctly.

Each month D’Aoni provides training in tools & techniques to manage your projects efficiently, but also in software tools to lift up your project schedule, your project presentation for a major customer, or a important project sponsor. Each ProjecTalk Training is represented by its symbol: PMP for Project Management Professional, MS Project for the planningtool Ms Project, OpenProj as a free and Open source planningtool, etc…

D’Aoni is working with different skilled trainers who all have gained expertise in their specific knowledge area.

You’re passionate by projects, but you want to have more credits from your management, from your colleagues. The answer for this is the ProjecTalk Passport, the access to revamp your career. You can choose between two certificates: the Project Management Professional (PMP) and the Project Coordinator Certificate (PCC).

ProjecTalk is about organising all supporting courses for Project Managers and team members.

We offer 3 main categories of courses:
  • Project Management Courses and coaching: [link]
    • Project Management Base Courses calendar_16.png
    • Project Management following the PMBoK PMI.png
    • ProjecTalk Passports: [link]
      • PMP Certification Preparation Courses pmi-pmp.png
      • PCC Project Coordinator Certificate Program PCC.png
  • Project Managing Software Courses and coaching: [link]
    • Ms Project from Microsoft msp_IC.png
    • OpenProj from Projity projity.png
    • Planningforce client from Planningforce planforc.png
  • Personal skills / Soft Skills for the project manager or his team: [link]
    • SmartReading Smartr-logo.png
    • Presentation skills SalesHammer.png
    • Negotiating skills SalesHammer.png
    • Leadership skills Leadership.png
    • Communication skills Communication.png

Trainings can be organised in different locations:

  • On Site - In your company/environment
  • In one of the foreseen locations in:
    • Zaventem (Regus)
    • Antwerpen (Regus)
    • Mechelen North
    • GD Luxemburg
    • Liège Ougré

ProjecTalk organises 'Lessons Learned' evenings around Project Management'.

These evenings focus on past projects where we can learn from as project managers. Project Managers learn to stand in fron of a crowd, explaining their past project experiences. Project Managers learn to speak in full detail about their past problematic projects or successful projects where we can learn from.

ProjecTalk organises 'ProjecTalk Playground' sessions

Companies can contact us to organise a 'practical' session around their software tool. No Demo-Alone feeling, falling asleep in demo meetings, but a full 'hands on the mouse' sessions to really have your customers discover you software capabilities.

Projectalk is organised by

Anja Vandenbergh
together with my trainers and partners

Our Motto:

We share our lessons learned.